6 Women: “Slaves and Leaders of  Arab Spring”

6 Women:

Slaves and Leaders
of Arab Spring

fighting for their empowerment, inspiring new generations, and shaping a new society

is a raising awareness powerful

6 women

is a raising awareness powerful campaign on how women’s life is changing under the Arab Spring.

6 Women shows women’s daily struggle for autonomy and self-empowerment. An act of rebellion to traditional societies limiting their roles

6 real stories of women

6 real stories of women

from 6 different countries in the Mediterranean and Northern African Region

3+3 stories

of women affected by political, economic and social violence and stories of women becoming champions as political leaders, entrepreneurs and social activists in their communities

Women are now leading as contemporary entrepreneurs


are now leading as contemporary entrepreneurs, generate social and economic development,
they drive political processes and
are changing secular cultural stereotypes

Social documentary

Breath­taking women’s stories, changing our world, narrated through a social documentary

On­line interactive multimedia platform

On­line interactive multimedia platform sharing women challenges, successes and inspiration

Social media campaign

Dynamic social media campaign focusing on the human aspects of the phenomenon with video testimonials

International seminars

International seminars: documentary screening + debates with top experts + media coverage in your country

Informative booklets

Informative booklets using cartoons technique, engaging all audiences on women’s reality

International Film Festivals + TV Broadcasting

International Film Festivals + TV Broadcasting (distributors already acquired in Europe, North and Latin America)

Vision Films is building a coalition of International and Governmental Organisations, NGOs, Civil Society, private sector and partners believing in women empowerment and supporting the project

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that women are changing the world,
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